The idea of a building a nationwide ‘non-political’ Party to represent the children’s interests and help protect them properly at long last seems to be catching on. ‘Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.’

We straightaway agreed we’re not going to be any kind of ‘leaders’ nor will there be any hierarchy in this new organisation; we’ll be the initial coordinators, that’s all. The main work of growing the Party will be done by all of us/you and the legions out there who are going to join us. As they will, we have no doubt about this whatsoever; once they know TCP is here. We will become a new national FAMILY, devoted to ALL children, irrespective of race, country of origin, religion, social class, etc.  And since the Party is non-political, CHILDREN themselves can and will become members, alongside their mums, dads or other family members and help look after their younger ‘siblings’.