The Children’s Party & the General Election 2017

After a few months’ gestation since the domain-name was first acquired The Children’s Party at last came to life on 19 April 2017, in direct response to Theresa May’s calling a ‘snap’ General Election.

For the Party’s two ‘birth-parents’, both of whom independently of each other had had the same idea back in 2016, this was a call to arms. It was inconceivable that yet another Election should come and go without the UK’s children being part of that and their voice being heard amidst the hubbub.

We both agreed that the Party will not be fielding any candidates in this Election as we are simply too small and unformed at this stage and need to grow our membership first. 4-5 years’ time, latest 2022 will be a much more realistic moment to make our full debut on the political scene.

In the intervening 4-5 years a LOT can still be done to significantly raise the political profile of this country’s un-enfranchised under-18s and we can certainly begin to be active and noisy in this Election.

Below are SUGGESTIONS as to how those who have already joined The Children’s Party or TCP (social disinfectant?!) and any of YOU out there who join us over the coming weeks & days can input on behalf of the children in the run-up to June 8.

In the meantime, tell your friends TCP is here and get them to join – let’s start growing the membership. What the children haven’t had up till now and badly need is NUMBERS OF PEOPLE all over the country to stand up for them and their rights. Which also means Mums’ and Dads’ rights, grandparents’ rights and family rights – in fact everybody’s human rights.


  1. Identify the candidates in your constituency and obtain their registered contact details
  2. Send them the attached QUESTIONNAIRE FOR CANDIDATES (see below) by email, and/or
  3. Find out where they will be speaking and try to LOBBY THEM LIVE for answers to the questions on the QUESTIONNAIRE (be careful to note the answers accurately – we suggest going along with a friend to the hustings)
  4. Feel free to attach to the email or print out to hand to the candidates & members of public at the hustings the other documents explaining the Party and its aims (see below). Sign yourself on the email or introduce yourself live as a member or supporter of The Children’s Party UK (don’t forget to include your postal address if emailing so that the candidates are confident you are a local person).  If asked what is The Children’s Party? explain that it is a new Party founded in April 2017 in response to Theresa May calling this ‘snap’ General Election. It is to be ‘The Children’s Voice in Politics & Society’ and ‘The Party of the Future’. The Party or TCP for short (social disinfectant!) will be fielding candidates in 2022 but in 2017 it is still tiny, a ‘political newborn’.
  5. If you are a regular user of Facebook and Twitter please use those to distribute the QUESTIONNAIRE and other documents to your networks so that more people get to hear about us and the membership increases.  Again, this is all about getting huge NUMBERS all over the country to support the children and for all of us who love children in the normal way to become an overwhelming and POWERFUL new presence on the political scene
  6. Please REPORT back your activity to us!  

QUESTIONNAIRE  FOR CANDIDATES + INTRODUCING THE CHILDREN’S PARTY UK + THE CHILDREN’S PARTY MANIFESTO t.b. posted here as of 15 May.  Please use any or all to send/hand to candidates, members of the public or your own networks.